I struggle to relax my mind. I once saw a post that said if you want to image what it is like being a mother then just imagine a browser with 1000 tabs open. I felt like this before I was a mother, now I feel like it is 10,000 tabs and my hard drive is starting to smoke.

I have two children, my home, my partner, the rabbit, my blog, my books, my fashion business, a new business that I am starting with my partner, a wedding and countless other things that I think about constantly. I don’t just think about one thing at a time either, I think about everything, the past, the present, and the future. My partner always says he would never want to be in my mind as it is too busy and too confusing.

Breathing Technique That Helps Relax My Mind And Me Get To Sleep

I am now trying methods to calm my mind. I used to struggle to get to sleep at night but I learned breathing techniques whilst learning pregnancy yoga. The one technique I love is this; Lay on your back, take a long, slow, deep breath. Imagine that breath starting from your toes and being the colour red, as you breath in you visualise the red coming up your body and being replaced by blue. Then you breath it out slow. You repeat this but starting at different points in your body, start from your toes on your first breath, then knees on your second and so on and so on. I never reach past my tummy before I am asleep.

My Method for Relaxing My Mind

If I am feeling very overwhelmed I often have to take myself away from everything and find a large body of water. I prefer the open ocean but a lake or river helps too. I like to take in deep breaths of fresh air and just watch out over the water. This always makes me feel so much better.

Methods Of Relaxation That Help Bloggers Relax Their Minds

I asked fellow bloggers how they like to relax. Most of the bloggers I speak to often have very hectic lives so I wanted to find out their favourite ways to calm the mind. They all mention different ways, there is no right or wrong method so it is best to try different things.

”I use the app ‘headspace’ to chill and have some mindful time. I’ve made a habit of using it before bed instead of working on my phone” Hannah from Hi Baby Blog 

”I also use an app called Feel Stress Free. It’s amazing. Lots of breathing techniques and self healing tips” Jemma from Mayflower Blogs

”Knitting and crochet always help .I also find a workout or yoga (I use free videos on YouTube) really helps too”  – Alex from Better Together Home 

”I use visualisations from the app Welzen quite a lot. They guide you through visualising you’re on a raft on a calm river enjoying the sun. It really works for me” Sara from Mind Your Mamma 

”I watch ASMR videos on YouTube. It’s hard to explain but some people experience extreme relaxation or “headgasms” from certain sounds, I have done since I was little and so to find a whole online community was massive for me! It’s immensely relaxing, gentlewhispering and whispersredasmr are some great channels”  – Emma from Ready Freddie Go

I love sewing as I find it so relaxing. A short walk also works well”  – Natalie from Surviving Life’s Hurdles

”I used to use a meditation CD but, honestly, more recently just immersing myself in a good book for a few chapters does the trick” Jo from Cup Of Toast  

”I take myself to my favourite place. It’s a rocky beach with the waves lapping at the shore. I used to fall asleep on holiday listening to them. I imagine sitting on the beach at sunset and hearing that familiar sound. Glorious” Nicola from Mummy Wales

”I love sitting in the garden with a cold alcoholic drink or one of the new G&T ice slushies! Just me time, in the sunshine. Bliss”  – Emma from Me And B Make Tea 

”I love to chill on my own when everyone has gone to bed and watch a chic flick with some choc and a glass of wine” – Lianne from Ankle Biters Adventures

”I love to reconnect with nature, by finding somewhere peaceful’ – Collette from Truly Madly Cuckoo 

”Running or walking in nature I find really good for the mind” – Kirsty from Kirsty Dee 

”I close the door and stay in a quiet room. Lay on the bed and do absolutely nothing. I suppose you could call it a meditation of sorts although I don’t take a structured approach to it and do sometimes let my mind wander” – Irina from Wave To Mummy


”My husband insists we listen to guided meditations from The Honest Guys on YouTube before bed. It actually works and I’d definitely recommend’‘ Samantha from Big Stevie Cool


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