I have been working from home since my son was born almost 5 years ago. I have been wanting a home office work space for just as long. Recently we decided to turn a corner of the living room into a space for me. As well as my blog I own an eco fashion brand and I write children’s books, so I needed a space that would be large enough for me to sit at my laptop and write or sketch out some new designs or illustrations.

I am not the best at interior design so I decided to turn to fellow bloggers and get some inspiration from their home office spaces. Some of these are so beautiful that I would happily live in their office’s. Below are the images and some tips to give you inspiration.

Blogger’s Home Office Spaces

Abbie from Mama Wilkos

I have a very small space in our double spare bedroom. I needed somewhere to be able to take myself away from the messy house and noise and it’s done the trick! 
A corner desk is a real space saver, and I have few happy things around me like quotes, pretty stationery and photos of my husband and sons! Enjoy your project!

Nikki from Yorkshire Wonders

My desk is built into an alcove at the side of our old AGA (toasty!). When I am not using it, you can slide the keyboard away and close the doors

Gemma from Somewhere After The Rainbow

This is Gemma’s wonderful space. I love how it is stylish but homely too. I may borrow her idea with the polaroid images. And I am looking up the chair on eBay as I type this.

Vikki from Mum Times Two

I love the fact Vikki has a label maker. This is something I have always wanted and I think that now I have three businesses I will definitely need one at some point.

Charlotte from The Home That Made Me

If you haven’t visited Charlotte’s blog then you really must. I have never seen a house so beautiful. I think I will go to her website whenever I need inspiration for interior design.

Here is Charlotte’s tip – A comfy chair is a must if you’re going to spend hours sat working in it. 

My Space

Now here is my space. It is only the start but I am excited to share my new desk with you. A chair will have to come next month. We are putting money towards our business and wedding so I can only buy one item a month for my home office.

Home Office Space

My new years resolution was to be more organised. I am the kind of person who will be told about an event the morning that it was on then the evening comes along and the event then pops into my head, but I have already missed it. I don’t think my memory was this bad before I had children and I do hope it comes back one day. So today I went and bought an organiser. I have even filled it out. Fingers crossed I keep it up and not forget any more appointments or children’s parties.

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