What do you do for a job? This one simple question leaves me feeling embarrassed as I am never quite sure how to answer it. I have no reason to feel embarrassed but I am always concerned by what their reaction will be to my response. And I am never quite sure what to say.

What Do You Do For A Job?

This week I was sat in between two ladies when I was asked this question. They both answered with their job titles and then the question came to me. I answered with self employed hoping that it would end there. But nope they then went on to ask what I did. I explained I had an eco fashion business, I am a self published author and I write a blog. I am sat there, hoping that they wouldn’t ask further questions, although I knew that they would as everyone always does. What items do you sell? What books do you write? and what is your blog about? This then takes me quite a while to answer as each answer is quite long winded.


I am often met with a ‘congratulations’ or a ‘well done’ response. This leaves me more embarrassed as I don’t earn a huge amount so I don’t feel I should be congratulated. I always feel ashamed that I am not yet successful, I think people assume I am due to the amount of work I do. I am working hard to be the next J K Rowling though (one can dream). Our registrar for our wedding put me down as a business proprietor. But that sounded far too professional to me.

There Must Be Others Like Me Out There?

I  would love to meet others who are like me. I have 1001 ideas a day and must drive my friends and family crazy with how much I change my mind. My amazing fiancée told me to get a notebook and start writing down all my ideas and stories that I come up, although I may go through a few notebooks a week.

Do you ever feel embarrassed when someone asks what you do as a job? or do you ever wonder how to answer that question?

2 thoughts on “What Do You Do For A Job?

  1. Love this post.
    I just say self employed and am asked to elaborate. Personal trainer, sports masseuse, teach classes etc etc an then I’m asked what classes to teach and I ask how long they’ve got lol.
    I always feel if I miss something out I’ve lost a potential lead for a class or client.

    Then the convo does one of two things, I either get grilled about my food and exercise regimen and then actually get them booked in for one of my services or I get “you must be so fit” and then no one wants to say anything else in case I make them eat salad or go for a run…haha.

    1. Haha I love your comment! I would probably be the kind of person to ask for tips and advice then go grab a doughnut.
      It is so difficult to explain what I do and the responses vary.

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