I love the John Lewis advert for 2016 and here I will explain why it is brilliant for wildlife. If you haven’t watched it yet then I have attached it here for you.

In recent days since watching the advert I have seen many people complain about it. Some have said it wasn’t as good as recent years. Although last years advert I think could have caused issues for wildlife as I can imagine that there were children who wanted to send balloons up to the man on the moon. Others said that it wasn’t fair that the dog jumped on the trampoline before the child. Of course the child wouldn’t have minded, for one thing it is an advert and the child is an actress and the second thing is any child would love to jump on a trampoline with their pet dog.

It isn’t advertised well on the actual TV ad but John Lewis are using the advert to help raise awareness of British Wildlife and to help raise funds for the Wildlife Trusts. Which is an incredibly wonderful thing to do especially when our wildlife populations are on a huge decline. For instance our hedgehog population has declined by around 30% since 2002 and we have less than 1 million hedgehogs left.

How John Lewis are raising money for The Wildlife Trusts

The way in which John Lewis is helping to raise funds for The Wildlife Trusts is by donating 10% of the sale price of the Buster the Boxer dog teddies and friends. You can purchase one of these soft cuddly toys here -> Buy Buster

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There is also a wonderful short programme available on either Sky or the John Lewis Website which shows you how to make Hedgehog holes so hedgehogs can travel through the towns and city gardens. It also has other great ideas and information on there. Sit down with your children and have a watch, my son loved watching it and can’t wait to make a hedgehog home. You can watch the video here -> Garden Friends

So well done to John Lewis and other large companies for creating beautiful Christmas adverts that are raising money and awareness for charity.


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