You may have noticed that I have been quite quiet recently. This is mainly down to not having a mobile phone since it is off with EE hopefully being fixed. But I have also been busy designing a clothing range.

We have a dream!

My partner and I have a career goal in mind where we will own an Eco shop which will be stocked with Eco clothing, reusable and recycled cups and also a range of eco and ethical coffees, hot chocolates and tea! This is a huge dream and one we have just started.


Each night, when the kids are finally asleep, my partner and I sit down and draw up designs for our new clothing line. We have designed an outdoor adventure range, a sports range and a wild child range. We are only selling a few of our designs for the time being as we want to see what sells and what doesn’t.


Sometimes our son joins us

               Sometimes our son joins us

Every image is sketched by hand then worked on with Photoshop

                                                            Every image is sketched by hand then worked on using Photoshop

I want to be able to provide eco clothing for all at a reasonable cost. A t-shirt shouldn’t be cheaper than a cost of a take away coffee! I would rather pay more for my clothes knowing they have been ethically and environmentally made. The future of our planet is in our hands. It is our generation that needs to change the way we construct, buy and recycle products.

Give our children the future they deserve!

If we want a better future for our children then changing the way we are today will give them that.


Our clothing line is traced from seed to shop. We know exactly where it is made and how it is made. The environment is strong in the manufacturers mind with each step of the process. The factory in which the clothes are made is powered only by wind!

The material that the designs are printed on are sustainable materials like organic cotton, rPET or British Wool. One huge bonus with ordering from us is that you can send the item of clothing back to the manufacturer once you have finished using it and receive store credit. They will then recycle the item of clothing for you.

Our Store

Our new Store is called Eco Badger. We chose the badger as we wanted it to have a very British feel, and my partner and I are very fond of the wild mammal. My partner came up with the logo. We tried out many different designs but this one stuck!


The store will be open from Thursday December 1st!

You can follow us on:

Twitter @Eco_Badger

Facebook @EcoBadger1

Instagram @EcoBadger

And finally our website is

Here are some of our designs which will be available:

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