I didn’t quite believe people when they said it rained a lot in Wales. The first year that we lived here we hardly had any rain and there was so much beautiful sunshine but this year has been a different story. It feels like it has been raining every day for the last 5 months. I don’t mind walking in light rain but I can’t take my three year old or 9 month old out if it is heavy rain. So to try and enjoy the rainy days I have been coming up with crafts to do at home which are linked with the weather. Measuring rain fall is probably the best activity we could do in this weather and making a rain gauge is so simple and fun.


To make a rain gauge you will need

A large empty plastic bottle (We used a Pepsi 2 litre bottle)

An old wooden spoon 

A black and a pink marker pen

String (for the measuring ladies hair

PVA glue

Paper and stickers (anything you would like to use to decorate the bottle with


A ruler / Tape measure 


The first thing to do is cut the top of the bottle off and turn it upside down and place it inside the bottom of the bottle (Some people tape the two pieces together but we haven’t and after two months it’s still staying in the same position).

Get your child to help with the next bit which is decorating the bottle. Make it weather themed so they know what the bottle is for. We cut out rain drops using blue paper and stuck it to the outside of the bottle. 

Next you need to decorate your measuring lady. We used string for the hair, a marker pen for the nose and mouth and stuck on googley eyes. 

You then need to add your measuring lines to the spoon handle. I measured in cm’s as it is easier to mark. 

Once everything has dried, place some stones in the bottom of the bottle to weigh it down. Position the bottle away from any shelter including bushes and trees to make sure you get an accurate measurement. And leave it out there for hours, days or weeks depending what you would like to measure. Keep the measure lady inside and take her out when you want to measure the rainfall. 

We left ours for a week outside and we measured 14cms of rainfall, this was in November. 


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