This Easter I am on a strict diet due to my wedding next year. So making these Easter treats to share with you all has been very hard. I am giving all of my treats away to friends after I have tasted them. This particular treat was so good I really struggled to put it in a tin and give it away. It is probably the most tastiest chocolate recipe I have ever had! Very simple to make and a great recipe to get your children involved with. Just be very careful as the marshmallow and chocolate become very hot when melting. Many Easter bark recipes say to use just plain white chocolate, but I decided to use the white chocolate that has the crunchy bits it, this worked very well.


Easter Bark


450g White Chocolate Crunch (Co-op do 150g bars, this is the one I used)

200g Marshmallows

Mini Eggs (As many as you would like to use)


Line a flat medium sized baking tray (Roughly 30cm x 21cm) with baking paper. Make a Bain-marie by placing a heatproof bowl over a saucepan which has water in the bottom. Make sure the water isn’t touching the bottom of the bowl. Place on a medium heat. Use this method for melting the chocolate and the marshmallow, wash the bowl in between.


Melt half of the amount of chocolate in the Bain-marie. Once melted pour into the lined tray, and smooth to cover the bottom of the tray. Place in the freezer for a minimum of half an hour or until set.

To melt the marshmallow, grease around the inside of the heatproof bowl using butter. Then place the marshmallows in the bowl and leave on a medium to low heat. I recommend staying by the marshmallow and stirring regularly to prevent it from burning. I added a small drop of red food colouring to enhance the pink colour. Once melted, pour over the set chocolate. Spread it quickly as it doesn’t take much time to set. Place into the freezer whilst you melt the next lot of chocolate.


Melt the rest of the white chocolate in the Baine-Marie and once melted, pour over the set marshmallow. Then place the mini eggs around the top of your melted white chocolate in any pattern that you would like (This is a good activity for your children to help with, especially the younger ones). Place back into the freezer until set.


Once set cut up the bark in any way that you would like, then enjoy!

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