Shaped by the sea is a new sea glass jewellery Etsy shop. All items are made by us at Eco Badger.

When you purchase sea glass jewellery from us you are investing in the future of our planet. All the materials used are upcycled, recycled or organic which makes the product 100% eco friendly.

The sea glass was handpicked by us at Eco Badger on the beach’s of South Wales. Each item of jewellery that you purchase from us is unique.

Each item comes packaged in recycled packaging. It is a great gift for any occasion!

Each item of sea glass jewellery comes with this story

Mordraigoch is the dragon of the seas
He swims through the water like an eagle on the breeze
He doesn’t breath fire like the dragons up above
He breathes glass whilst dreaming of his one true love
The glass that he breathes washes up on welsh shores
We collect the most beautiful to make jewellery like yours



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