Due to my daughter spending time in hospital this weekend I have been unable to do our weekly shop. I really wanted something tasty for lunch on Monday so grabbed some things from my fridge and came up with this incredibly tasty scrambled eggs on toast. My partner who detests tomatoes even loved. It is nice to sometimes throw things together and see if it works, and this worked really well.



3 Medium Free Range Eggs

Chorizo (Cut to how you like them)

Plum Tomatoes (halved)

Cheese (I used about half a handful grated but do this to taste)

tsp Butter (To grease pan and to make it more creamy)

Ground Pepper (Sprinkle to taste)


Place non stick frying pan to a medium to high heat.

Place the butter in the pan and add the chorizo.

Cook for 2-3 minutes or until chorizo is cooked.

Take off the heat and add the tomatoes to the hot pan.

Stir and leave whilst you prep the eggs.

In a jug whisk the eggs with a fork then add the grated cheese. Stir to combine.

Place frying pan back onto the heat.

Pour the egg and cheese mix into the pan.

Stir whilst cooking to prevent it turning into an omelette and to mix all the ingredients together.

Once cook Pour onto your toast and sprinkle with ground pepper.

Then Enjoy!

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