I can not explain how tasty these halloumi fries are. I think halloumi is my new favourite thing to add to a dish. It is a cheese which is traditionally produced using the milk of sheep and goats although today cows milk is often added. I have been trying out all different recipes recently, I will be sharing them with you shortly. But this is one of my favourites. Dip these fries in a sweet chilli dipping sauce and you have yourselves a tasty side dish!

I have a great Mushroom, Halloumi and roasted red pepper bruschetta recipe on my blog too!

These couldn’t be more simple to make. You only need 2 ingredients and a deep fat fryer (or shallow fry if you would prefer).


Halloumi Fries


225g Halloumi

Plain Flour (A shallow dish with enough flour in to coat the fries)


To shallow fry the halloumi fries, cover the bottom of a non stick frying pan with vegetable oil. Heat on a medium to high heat. If using a deep fat fryer heat the oil to around 190C.

Slice the Halloumi into fry shapes (thickness is up to you).

Place in the flour dish and coat all over with plain flour.

Once floured, place gently into the oil (Be careful of hot oil spitting back)

Cook until they turn a nice golden brown colour.

Remove from the oil and plate up.

Pour some sweet chilli dipping sauce into a dish.


Dip and Enjoy!!!



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