I love the Lidl Meadowfresh Hummus. I honestly can’t Wheel get wholesale MLB jerseys enough of it. I will sit with a plate wholesale Minnesota Vikings jerseys of carrot and celery sticks and a tub of the reduced fat hummus and munch away whilst watching the TV. I never really did anything else with it until this week. I had bought some avocados and thought I would make a tasty mně wrap. I didn’t realise how tasty this wrap would be, I have By had it every season day since I first made it on Monday, so I thought I couldn’t just keep this recipe to myself, I must share it. So here it is!


Avocado and Hummus Wrap


1 Tortilla

1 Avocado (Roughly chopped)

Cucumber Sticks

Half a tomato (Roughly chopped)

1 tbsp. Hummus

1 Slice of Ham (Cut into strips)


Lay the tortilla flat on a board. Smooth over a tbsp. of hummus and place the ham on top. Put the cucumber, tomato and avocado on top of wholesale NFL jerseys everything else, tightly wrap and enjoy!

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