The Toddle Bike 2 was designed by the wonderful Jo Hockley. She came up with the idea after visiting family in Belgium and watching her young son play with his cousins small bike. After seeing that there was not a bike like this available in the UK, Jo decided to make it available and brought out the Toddle Bike. In 2015 she redesigned the Toddle Bike to give it a modern, sleek look and the Toddle Bike 2 was created.

My daughter has been itching to get on her big brothers bike so when we was given the opportunity to test out the Toddle Bike 2 we jumped at the chance. Unfortunately my daughter was quite poorly over the festive season so we have only recently started going out on it.

I was very keen on getting a balance bike for my daughter as my son has really struggled going from nothing then straight onto a bicycle with stabilisers. I had heard great things about balance bikes but my daughter is too small for them. So this Toddle Bike is perfect.

First Impression

Being a busy mum I never have time to put things together. Our sons bike was a nightmare to build and I am lucky that my partner has the patience for it. So you can imagine the joy when I opened the box to see that it was all in one piece. On first look I thought it wouldn’t last five minutes as it is so light. But it is very stylish and my daughter loves the fact it was pink. It is great that there are 3 colour options to chose from.

Both my children (Daughter aged 21 months, son aged 4 years) enjoyed riding it along in our front room before we finally took it outside. If your children are like my two monkeys, you will be pleased to know that the bike is very robust. It has been thrown around, raced into walls and crashed into various pieces of furniture. Even after all that there is not a mark on it.

Testing It Outside

I was concerned on taking it outside as I thought it would damage as soon as it touched concrete. But after being used outside for two weeks, there is only slight wear on the wheels. My daughter has fallen off of it a couple of times and there still isn’t any damage. I do think it would be more suited to a smaller child as my daughter did look like she was getting a bit too big for it.

Although my son, who is much taller, is very happy to race around on it. 

I honestly can not think of anything negative. It is very light which can cause a child to tip it easily if they become unbalanced but it needs to be this light so smaller children can carry it around and use it with ease. I would definitely recommend it to friends and I look forward to passing it on to another child. I can see it lasting for quite some time and hopefully many young children will enjoy this great ride!

Testing our Toddle Bike 2


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