I am part of some wonderful blogging groups on Facebook. The blogging world is a lovely and friendly place where everyone helps everyone out. I have been lucky enough to get involved in some wonderful opportunities because of the lovey bloggers that are in these groups. Ffion Davies (She Means Business) is one of these bloggers, she also works at a stunning restaurant in Swansea called the Grape and Olive.

A few weeks back I noticed a post from her regarding a blogging event at the Grape and Olive. It was to taste their new festive menu. I was very quick to put my name down, this meant my first evening out away from the children in over a year and also free food!! I am a huge foodie so this was very exciting. I was lucky enough to be chosen to come along to the event.

Party Time!

As I got myself ready for the evening out I started to get very excited. Since having my first child over 4 years ago my going out is popping to a local shop without having a child hanging off me. I was actually able to make myself look pretty and wear a dress I haven’t worn in over 5 years!


As you can see from my face in this photo I was very excited to be going out. I was also sat in my car, freezing cold, waiting for my good Blogging friend Tamsin (Chasing Esme). Tamsin was picking me up as I am terrible with directions and I have only ventured into the city of  Swansea twice and got lost both times!

When we arrived at the Meridian Tower (the tallest tower in Wales) we were amazed at how tall it actually was. Made us both feel a bit queasy looking up at it.


Once inside the restaurant we was greeted by the lovely Ffion who gave us a tasty glass of Prosecco and showed us where all the other bloggers were sitting. We bumped into Alana from Baby Holiday who we then sat with for the rest of the evening.


We was given the challenge of doing something different to promote the event on social media. We had to use the hashtag #ChristmasAtTheGrape. I came up with this poem which I then posted on my blogging twitter account.


Soup, Tart, Candles and Wine,

Grape and Olive at Christmas time.

The food is tasty, the staff are great,

So book your event before its too late!


The whole restaurant had a beautiful festive feel about it. There were candles lit and sweet Christmas treats on each table. It really felt like a wonderful place to sit and enjoy a nice glass of something sparkly. This was a really beautiful treat for me.


There was a display table which showed us how the tables would be dressed for the festive period. It looked lovely and if I didn’t have my two little monkeys I would have booked a table for Christmas right there and then.


The Food

We was given a menu to look at whilst waiting. We could see the festive menu which we would be dining on that night and then it also had a Christmas day menu, New years eve and New years day menu. All looked incredibly delicious and quite reasonably priced too.


We were then presented with a long table of tasty starters. We could take as much as we wanted to sample. I then sat down to enjoy this lovely plate of food. Each mouth full felt like a piece of heaven. I could have quite easily been sat in a 5 star restaurant! The soup in a cup was just beautiful, it gave me a lovely warm feeling. I don’t normally eat fish but I felt that being at a tasting it would be rude to not try everything there. I was amazingly surprised that I actually enjoyed all the fish dishes too!


Unfortunately I didn’t take any photographs of the mains. I think I was too excited that we had more tasty food coming! I would be over the moon to have anything on this menu for my Christmas dinner, it all tastes as good as it looks.

After the mains I realised I had to leave soon as I had to be back to look after my children. My partner works shifts and unfortunately he was on an over-night shift that night. But the lovely staff brought Tamsin and I the desserts out earlier than planned so we wouldn’t miss out.


I was incredibly happy at this as desserts are definitely my thing and these ones were to die for! I don’t even like poached pear but this poached pear I could eat every day of the week!


On the way out we noticed the beautiful view of the boats. I didn’t have my camera to hand but I got this great shot using my phone.


Thank you to the Grape and Olive for this wonderful dining experience and I will certainly be back in the future!

Disclaimer: I was invited to this free food tasting session by the Grape and Olive however all opinions are my own.

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