An Easter egg hunt in the woods, doesn’t that sound like the best kind of Easter event? Easter is a wonderful time as it means spring is here. I love spring, it has to be my favourite season. The sun starts to shine more, the evenings get lighter, baby animals start appearing and you can finally take off that winter coat. Well most of the time anyway, I do live in South Wales where it can be blistering sunshine one minute and snowing the next.

I love a good Easter egg hunt, we normally find public events so I had never thought about actually doing one myself for my two little monkeys. But I was contacted by a lovely friend of mine who has recently opened an online house ware shop, she had some lovely Easter egg hunt items that she wanted me to try out. I hopped at the chance (excuse the pun).

For My House

Her company is called For My House. They are a family run business based in West Carmarthenshire. They sell house hold items from clocks to teapots, from Christmas decorations to Easter decorations. I could spend a lot of money shopping on their website. My favourite items are the vintage bike clock, the beach rules sign and this fabulous cheese board.

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We bought some gorgeous Santa sacks from them at Christmas that my children were overjoyed with.

Our Easter egg hunt

It has been around a month since I picked up a bag of Easter bits from Gemma. I have literally waited a month for a dry weekend to be able to do this. We tried to do it after my partner finished work at 4pm but the sun was setting too early so it wasn’t possible. But this Saturday it was a beautiful sunny day and my parents were visiting. This meant more hands to help set up.

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I chose a woodland near me that I know quite well. We picked a spot which has a little hut just in case the weather changed.

We decided to place the felt bunnies in places where we put eggs. I have a terrible memory and know that if we hadn’t of done that then wildlife would have come across and eaten the chocolate eggs.

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In the pack we found some great little signs. Our four year old is just learning to read so it was wonderful watching him read them. We place them all around the site. They come with ribbon attached so you can hang them on branches.

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There was also some rabbit bunting and wooden rabbits which we placed around the site.

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I loved the bags that my children used to place the eggs into. They are beautifully made and easy to carry. They both had a large egg at the end which they placed inside the cardboard box that we were given.

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My favourite thing in the pack had to be the eggs and spoons to use for an egg and spoon race. We did this at home and it was great fun. I was surprised how well both my children carried the eggs and the concentration was brilliant.

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So if you are thinking of doing an Easter egg hunt at home then take a look at For My House for all your Easter egg hunt needs.


*Disclaimer – I was given these items to review. All opinions are my own**

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