The Adventures of Stick Man

(Encouraging children to explore nature in the search for Stick Man and his family tree)

Most families by now are very familiar with the story of Stick Man, the wonderful book written by the very talented writer Julia Donaldson. For Christmas last year my three year old son was given the Stick Man book and was also treated to the film which was shown on BBC 1 on Christmas Day. This inspired me to come up with a Stick Man adventure of our very own. First we had to make him and then we would be able to start his adventure to find his family tree.


Books like Stick Man, The Gruffalo and Superworm are not only written brilliantly well but they are also illustrated by an incredible artist named Axel Scheffler. The reason I think these books are so good is that they encourage children from all different families and backgrounds to get outdoors and explore the wonderful natural world that surrounds them. Even those living in City Centres can find an interesting creature like a worm on their doorstep, or have an adventure with a stick.  These books encourage children to use their imaginations and that is what the art of story telling is all about.


My partner and I first went to a local woods to find the perfect sticks. This wasn’t too difficult as we have some wonderful woodlands near our home. The difficult part was putting him together. We had to make sure he was well made so that he would last his journey, he may need a fix up here and there along his journey but we are hoping whoever finds him will do this.

Once he was made I had to persuade my son to leave him by a tree, again this doesn’t seem too difficult but him being the loving three year old boy that he is, he didn’t want to leave Stick Man alone in the woods. After several attempts, and lots of walking around different woodlands, my sons friend managed to persuade him to leave Stick Man by a tree in Llyn Llech Owain Country Park, Gorslas, Carmarthenshire.


He has been left with a laminated note tied around his waist, so whoever finds him will know what to do with him and how to contact me. I am hoping that whoever does find him will take photos of his new location and keep us informed of his journey. I am hoping he gets around the whole of the UK and it helps encourage children to go out into nature and find and make their very own Stick Man.


My next step is to make a new Stick Man along with his family as my son is still upset with me for leaving his one in the woods!

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