My partner sometimes works nights, when he does I try to get the children out in the morning so my partner can get some sleep.

This morning we decided to go to Llyn Llech Owain in Carmarthenshire and get some air into our lungs. Now that my daughter is walking confidentially I like to get her out of her pram so she can touch all those wonderful textures that we find in nature. My son helped too by bringing things to her for her to touch.


We also collected fallen leaves to take back for some afternoon crafting. Here are the leaf printing pictures that we attempted, they show the wonderful textures which are on the leaves. 

IMG_20160904_173710 IMG_20160904_173559

Next time you are out with your children get them touching the things around them and ask if they are:


(Pinecones are hard)



(Sand is soft)



(Dandelion clocks are fluffy)



(Blackberry bushes are spiky)



(Petals of a daisy are smooth)



(The Sun is hot)

Millennium Coastal Path


(The sea air is cold)



(Puddles or wet)



(Crisp fallen autumn leaves are dry)



(Trees are rough)



(Toads are bumpy)



(Blackberries are squishy)



(Bird seed is grainy)

36 thoughts on “Textures in Nature

  1. A lovely post, there are so many natural textures to explore when out and about with little ones. #marvmondays

  2. I think you’ve only just “touched” the surface here on the textures that there are outside! My little one is 14 months and is always getting his hands mucky and trying out the different textures, it truly is amazing! Thanks for linking up to #FamilyFun. Hope you can come back next week!

  3. Oh my goodness look at that little toad. Another great way to make the most of the outdoors and get the kids involved in nature and their surroundings. Thanks again for sharing this at #familyfun, it’s really inspired me for our walks! Hope you can come back again next week

  4. What a lovely idea to truly make the most of time outside and get the children appreciating nature x #familyfun

  5. Such a mindful activity for the family – just lovely. Love the pics and the leaf paintings are super. You’ve inspired me and got me feeling excited about autumn. Thank you. #eatsleepblogRT

  6. Love this. I never think to make more of our surroundings other than letting A explore himself. Thanks for linking up to #MarvMondays. Kaye xo

    1. I think it is easy to forget how to encourage children to study their surroundings. I started my blog in the hope that I could encourage and help parents use the great outdoors as a way of educating their children x

  7. Lovely post! It looks really beautiful and like you all had a wonderful time. Thanks for linking up to #AnythingGoes


  8. Nature is just so perfect for learning isn’t it – my kids always get completely absorbed. We love a bit of nature craft too – in fact I co-host a linky all about it if you ever fancy joining in 🙂

  9. We’ve done nature scavenger hunts too which have been fun and can be as hard or simple as you like. How did you make the second piece of art?. I’m assuming the first is a print off the leaf, but I couldn’t figure out the second.

    1. So much you can do in nature isn’t there. The second is a print but whilst holding the leaf down we brushed the paint on top of the leaf and onto the paper to create an outline. The children loved doing that one!

  10. We love getting outdoors and testing all the different senses, touch is such a big sense for little ones, whether it’s held in their hands or put into mouths. Love all your photos too! Thanks so much for linking up to #Whatevertheweather 🙂 x

  11. Some great advice there, it is the tactile nature of things that bring them to life, especially in smaller children. and hopefully a decent grounding in these things will avert some of the squimishness in later life.


  12. Love this! There are so many textures that you can take inspiration from. Will have to do some arty things with Esme before winter gets here! #ChasingNature

  13. I love this! We have done a lot of spiky recently with conker shells! There really is so much texture in nature, I should make more of an effort to use some of these words while we are out and about! #ChasingNature

  14. Some great ideas here. I think they learn so much by being allowed to interact with different things and it really connects them to nature. #ChasingNature

  15. Love this idea, it is so simple yet teaches them so much. My son loves being outdoors and he went blackberry picking for the first time the other week. I love that he’s into all these things and this linky is definitely going to give me so many more ideas. Thanks!

  16. Toads are bumpy!! Ha ha. Loved that one. My husband loves frogs and toads. The artwork you did with the leaves is so lovely and I know your children will remember all these nature-inspired walks when they’re grown! I can’t wait until Pickle can toddle around so he can get out the pushchair too.

  17. This is such a lovely post and a great approach to teach so many things. I think it would be a good game for my older kids and something useful to remember for my baby x #ChasingNature

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