As it is valentines day this coming Sunday I decided to create a bird feeder to share the love with the birds that visit our garden.

These Love Heart Bird Feeders are very simple to make and are also a fun activity for children to get involved with.




Bird seed (Visit my post: A simple guide to feeding your garden birds, for ideas on what seed to use)

Garden twine / ribbon



Small Heart shaped cake moulds


Put the lard into a large mixing bowl and stir until softened.


Add the bird seed to the softened lard and mix until combined.


Spoon the mixture into the cake moulds. Make sure you press the mixture down so it is compact.


Insert a straw into the mixture, which will make a hole for the twine. Cut the straw once it has been inserted and leave it in the mixture whilst the mixture sets.

Place moulds into the fridge and leave overnight.

Once removed from the fridge, carefully take the heart feeders out of the moulds. Then remove the straws from feeders.

The next step is to thread a piece of twine through each heart feeder (twine cut to a length that you think is adequate for your tree/feeder). I found an easy way to do this is to thread the twine through one of the cut pieces of straw and push the straw back through the already made hole.


Tie both ends of the string together and hang on a tree, bird feeder or fence.


6 thoughts on “Love Heart Bird Feeder

  1. What a great idea, and so simple to make too. Could you use something else if you don’t have lard? #ChasingNature

  2. We love making these! We’ve always done them in plastic cups though, what a great idea to use plastic moulds though – they look so pretty 🙂 #ChasingNature

    1. I found the moulds easier to remove the feeders from. I tried to do it with cookie cutters but it didn’t work as well. Thank you, I think they look nice on the tree for the 10 minutes before the birds eat them haha

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