This may not be suitable for everyone but as it has helped cure my adult acne so I just had to share it.

I have suffered with horrendous skin since my daughter was born 2 years ago. My face was even sore to touch at some points. Apart from giving birth to my daughter I thought nothing else had changed.  I tried everything possible to cure my adult acne, from changing my diet to changing my skin care routine. Nothing worked if anything it just got worse.

Then last week I realised that one major change I had done was cooking with coconut oil. I became obsessed with it. I was adding it to everything. Never physically put it on my face but I ingested it daily. I researched online and it turns out quite a few people have suffered with adult acne because of ingesting coconut oil.

    Coconut oil for skin complaints

So last week I stopped using it in food. I still use it on my children’s nappy rash and eczema and will use it on burns and other skin complaints as it is amazing for that!

Whilst researching the effects of cooking with coconut oil I found out that cucumber is used to reduce redness of the skin as it is an anti inflammatory. I love cucumber and eat a lot of it. But never used it on my skin. I read that leaving slices on your face for 20 minutes would help but I don’t have time to sit anywhere for 20 minutes, especially in the morning. So I cut a thick slice (keep the cucumber in the fridge to keep it cool) then rub it over my face. This seems to work.

If you research the health benefits of cucumber you would want to eat it daily. I often eat half a cucumber in a day as I love it as part of my lunch or as a snack. It is known as one of the healthiest foods. For more information on the health benefits of the cucumber please read this informative post from Organic Facts. 

Water and cucumber – Part of my daily skin care routine

We all know that our skin needs water, so a few months ago I started drinking it with every meal. But since last week I have been carrying a huge bottle of water around and drinking it throughout the day. The improvements in my skin since last week are incredible!! I wish I had taken before and after photos to show you this inprovement. It is so soft and the acne is reducing. I use a cucumber face cream every evening too.

I am no expert by any means so please do your own research before taking any advice from me. But this has changed my skin. I am feeling more confident after only one week! I rub the cucumber on my skin twice a day. Before I apply make up and after I take it off. It feels so soothing during and after.

I am unsure whether the improvements have been because I have stopped eating coconut oil or because I have started using cucumber. But I will stick to this routine as it is helping me.

What are your best skin care secrets??

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