Hello Nature Chasers and welcome back to week of 7 of our #ChasingNature Community. We didn’t have as many linking up to the Instagram community or the linky this week but I think that is due to the cold snap in weather that we have seen here in Britain. Don’t be put off by the cold. Put on a nice thick coat and boots and see what wintery photos you can get.

My photo challenge for you all this week is to get a photograph which has a winter feel to it. Use the weather to inspire your image!

It has been quite a cold week so we haven’t spent a huge amount of time outside. We also have my parents and my in laws down so we have all been quite busy. However today we was able to go on a beautiful autumnal walk to Dinefwr Castle in Llandeilo. The walk up to the castle is steep in places but not too bad if you have little ones with you.

I love this photo which I took today. It was of my son taking a photograph of his daddy who is standing on top of the castle tower. I love giving him a camera and seeing the end results. Some photos can be quite beautiful!


This is my favourite of Tamsins (Chasing Esme) Nothing better than taking an umbrella outdoors and kicking up the leaves!!


If you enjoy the Instagram community don’t forget #ChasingNature is also a Linky. You can join in with any outdoor themed posts and we would love to see you there.

My first featured image from #ChasingNature is Magic Lighting by Five Little Doves. We love the photos which this wonderful photographer always produces. They have been featured several times since we started this community. I loved this photograph as they took part in my lighting challenge and captured this stunning image using magical lighting through the woods. This lighting has a Japanese name Komorebi.


My next favourite is Natures Balance Beam by Frogs Snails Gecko Tails. I love this image as it shows children using their imagination in nature and learning balancing skills! This is a great activity that my two monkeys love to do when they come across a large log.


Here are all four of our favourites. Tamsin (Chasing Esme) chose Autumnal Leaves by Battle Mum and A Wonder In The Field by Someone’s Mum.



We look forward to seeing more outdoor images in week 8 of the #ChasingNature Instagram community.

Instagram Community  Guidelines

It will run from Monday to Sunday

Images must have an outdoor theme of any kind

Tag @Naturemumblog and @chasingesme in as many relevant images as you like

Use #ChasingNature in your image which is posted to Instagram

Both Hosts (Kelly from Nature Mum Blog and Tamsin from Chasing Esme) will pick four favourites to be featured each week.

By using #ChasingNature you are giving us permission to share your images on Nature Mum Blog and Chasing Esme’s social media platforms. Each Sunday we will share our four favourites on our blogs and our social media platforms giving you more exposure.

2 thoughts on “Chasing Nature Instagram Community Week 7 Round Up

  1. We are so excited that we found the #chasingnature community! Thank you for featuring us this week. This was actually a pretty spectacular moment, my good friends little one year old is the last in line here, and it is the first log bridge he has navigated on his own 💕

    1. Aww thank you for linking up and joining us for this lovely little community. We love all things nature and it is so exciting looking through everyone’s posts and images who also enjoy the great outdoors!

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