Hello Nature Chasers and welcome back to week of 6 of our #ChasingNature Community. I found it really difficult to pick just two of my favourites this week. I even had my son look through them with me, he has a good photography eye.

Last week I set the challenge of experimenting with taking photos at different angles. This week I would love to see our photographers experiment with lighting. Try taking photos in the dark as well as the light. Photos of the night sky would be incredible! If anyone gets a shot of the super moon on November 14th looking beautiful then they will get a special mention!

If you enjoy the Instagram community don’t forget #ChasingNature is also a Linky. You can join in with any outdoor themed posts and we would love to see you there.

Tamsin and I also join in with the Instagram Community. This is my favourite of the images which I linked up with this week. It is in a local woods near me. There is a boardwalk there and I just love using it as a photography spot.



My first featured image from #ChasingNature is by Ginger Lilly Tea.  If you haven’t seen the stunning photos which this wonderful photographer takes then you really need to check her Instagram profile out. The photos of her children are just beautiful and I can only dream of taking such breath taking photos of my two.


My next favourite is by Double The Monkey Business. I love this image as it shows how much fun being outdoors can be. And it is great seeing photos taking from different angles and different view points. I love it when photographers experiment with their images.



Here are all four of our favourites. Tamsin (Chasing Esme) chose Fallen Leaves by Cornelius Blog and Tree Climbing by Cardiff Mummy Says.



We look forward to seeing more outdoor images in week 7 of the #ChasingNature Instagram community.

Instagram Community  Guidelines

It will run from Monday to Sunday

Images must have an outdoor theme of any kind

Tag @Naturemumblog and @chasingesme in as many relevant images as you like

Use #ChasingNature in your image which is posted to Instagram

Both Hosts (Kelly from Nature Mum Blog and Tamsin from Chasing Esme) will pick four favourites to be featured each week.

By using #ChasingNature you are giving us permission to share your images on Nature Mum Blog and Chasing Esme’s social media platforms. Each Sunday we will share our four favourites on our blogs and our social media platforms giving you more exposure.

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