This rain activity basically shows children that when water droplets grow heavy enough, gravity pulls them down and they become rain drops. It is so simple to set up and your children will be fascinated with the end result.


How To Make It Rain


Glass Container

Egg Cups


Food Colouring

3 Syringes

Shaving Foam



Add a couple of drops of food colouring to an egg cup of water, mix to combine. Use several colours to show a great affect. I used red, yellow and blue.


Fill the glass container with water, squirt the shaving foam over the top of the water.

Fill three syringes with each of the coloured waters.


Using one colour at a time, squirt into the top of the shaving foam. Then watch it fall through the foam and into the water. This is a great activity for smaller children.


I did make the mistake of moving the glass around after adding the coloured water and this meant the water mixed before I took the photo.


5 thoughts on “Make it Rain

  1. What a great activity! I bet my little one would be fascinated by this. A great rainy day activity, will definitely be trying this out one day soon! Thanks for sharing it on #MarvMondays. Emily

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