These past few months we have seen some really wild weather all over the U.K. My partner and I have realised that in Wales we seem to have two seasons, Winter and Summer. It was snowing two weeks ago then last week I was getting burned just sitting in my garden.

I am trying to teach my three year old about the seasons and the different weather that dub we experience here. The best way to do this is by using a Weather Wheel.

Weather Wheels are very simple to make and are a great crafting activity for children to help with.

How To Make A Weather Wheel

What You Need:

Coloured Card

Paper Fasteners

Cotton Wool Balls

A Pen

A Glue Stick


Kitchen Skewer

How To:

Use a round plate or a compass (I haven’t seen or used a compass since cheap nfl jerseys my school days but it would be useful here), to mark out your circle. wholesale nba jerseys Cut out your circle.

Cut three thin strips of card which are the length of the diameter of your circle. Glue these onto the circle card, so that there are 6 equal sized segments.

Next you need to cut out the shapes for the lightening, sunshine and the rain. Roll small balls using the cotton wool to create the snow. Stick these onto the card along with the cotton wool clouds. Use the Walking, pen to draw on the wind then label each weather type.

Once all of the pieces are cheap jerseys glued down, you then need to pierce a hole into the centre of the circle. I did this using a kitchen skewer but if you have a compass you could use the sharp end to pierce the card.

You then need to cut out an You arrow shape from the card and pierce a hole in the end. cheap jerseys Align the hole in the arrow with the hole in weather wheel and pop the paper fastener through and fasten.

Stick the weather wheel to a window and then each morning get your child to check the weather and turn the arrow to the correct weather type.

11 thoughts on “How To Make A Weather Wheel

  1. I remember making one of these when I was little. A fab idea of something to do with Ollie. Thanks 🙂 #chasingnature

  2. That is such a clever idea! I bet it really helps to get them in tune with the seasonal changes. Maybe even help with the ever constant jacket debate when leaving the house. #chasingnature

    1. Haha It would be wonderful if it helped with the jacket debate but unfortunately my son can’t seem to understand why he should wear trousers out the house let alone a coat!

  3. Lovely idea! Going to try this with my girls.i had a weather chart with little Velcro patches for the weather symbols.lasted 2 years!

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