Henry the Hula Hooping Hippo Quiz!

(Use the website and the eBook to find the answers)

  1. Name all three of Henry’s friends.

  1. Where does Henry and his friends live?


  1. What colour is Henrys hula hoop?


  1. What type of animal is Tilly?


  1. How tall can Giraffes get?


  1. How much can elephants weigh?


  1. What does the word Hippopotamus mean?


  1. What is a Savanna?


  1. How many hours a day will a Giraffe feed for?


  1. Finish these sentences –

         He would dance at the top of the tallest …………

         Then dance around the hidden …………………


  1. What body part does Gerry use to spin the hoop?


  1. How long can a Hippo hold its breath?


Download and Print Henry’s Quiz here –> Henry’s Quiz