This wonderful post truly shows the kindness of bloggers. It was written by Lianne Harris from Mrs Mummy Harris. After reading it I was in tears. My two beautiful children have had a tough year. My son struggled with starting school and my daughter was tested for epilepsy after suffering with bad seizures, where she could have 4 or 5 attacks a day.

Just over a month ago my son started refusing food. He has always had digestive issues since he was born 10 weeks early. He has never been a big eater but for 8 days straight he refused everything from juice to chocolate. It was a terrifying few weeks. Then just before Christmas he started to eat, and since he hasn’t stopped! He is finally putting on some weight and looks much better. My daughter also got the all clear from Epilepsy on December 23rd. Really was the most amazing Christmas gift.

The lovely Lianne wrote this post for me to keep my blog active. Unfortunately I was so busy focusing on my babies and our new business I didn’t get around to posting it. But please take the time to read and visit Lianne’s blog as it really is a truly beautiful post!

Having been at this blogging malarkey for nearly three months I have found just how wonderful and generous strangers can be. The blogging community (and also some Instagram influencers) have been so kind to me and really helped me when I was incredibly low with my Post-Natal Depression.

So imagine how lovely it was to see the community out in force again for the lovely Kelly who you obviously know very well as you have come to her page!

Unfortunately, her little ones are not very well to the point Kelly told one of the Facebook groups that we are a part of that she would be having to shut down her blog for the foreseeable future. Very soon she received several offers of people willing to guest post for her to help keep it ticking over whilst she tends to her family (of course that is what is most important) but as a fellow blogger, when you spend hours of your personal time invested in the blog, promoting over social media and even if lucky enough, attending events for reviewing purposes; when you have to put it on hold, it is a hard decision to make as you know the blog will suffer from lack of new material.

This got me to thinking about good gestures. After all it is the season of goodwill. Have you done a good deed recently? My friends laugh as they say I’ve got a mum radar as since having my little one I seem to spot all the struggling parents trying to get a buggy down the stairs and what not! I also have been known to hand in car keys that were left in the door (in my area I’m amazed the car hadn’t been stolen!) and of course helped the elderly when you see the struggling.

Are these good deeds and gestures, or are they just general politeness? I don’t think I’m the only one that has noticed how the world appears to be crueller and less friendly than the years my parents and grandparents grew up in. I know I definitely will not be letting Ben play outside our house and we live in the nicer area in our town!

It is such a shame that it is something of a shock to receive generosity in this day and age. Especially at this time of year .I think people should do something selfless, so if everyone goes out and does one good deed today think how it can improve someone’s day without even realising it?!?!?!?!

What good deed are you going to do?

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