I spend a couple of days a week at my local family centre. It is a place I can go to let my children run off some steam and I can have a sit down and a cup of tea. It is a wonderful centre that not only provides arts and crafts, tasty food and educational activities but also organises fun days out too.

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Group days out with other parents are brilliant. Most parents who use the family centre spend a lot of their time alone with their children and it can be quite daunting to visit large open spaces alone with two or more small children. Days out with other parents and the staff of the family centre gives you confidence to explore places other than a local park.

Today was one of those days out. We went to the wonderful National Botanic Garden of Wales. I have another post which I wrote when I visited at the beginning of the year, which you can read about here.

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The gardens is holding a Halloween week this half term. In the glass house there was nature crafts, pumpkin carving and identification of natural objects which were found around the site of the gardens. All the children that came along with us were 4 years of age or younger and all of them thoroughly enjoyed. They all loved their hedgehog crowns and carried on wearing them whilst exploring.


We also enjoyed a lovely walk around the land and spent some time in their new play park. The park is brilliant as they have added equipment suitable for all ages. The ground trampoline is great as it is quite safe for children to jump on without the worry of them falling off and hurting themselves. And as you can see from the video the zip wire was highly enjoyed.


Below is a video of our lovely day out.

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