This is a beautiful lake and woodland located near Cross hands in Carmarthenshire. This is a place that we visit quite regularly as it is incredibly beautiful and you can make up the most imaginative stories. We have pretended that we are hiding from a sleeping dinosaur (A large log covered in moss), looked for monkeys and parrots in the trees and watched fairies dancing over the stream (Little flies flying on the surface of the water).

We have also picked blackberries and found many different animals from Spiders, baby Toads to Red Kites and Cuckoos.


This is also the woodland where we left our Stick Man.

At the site there is a café, a visitor centre and a lovely wooden play park. The play park is brilliant as it has a small pirate ship on it and my son loves to pretend he is a pirate. This country park is a wonderful place for imaginative play. There are also toilets which are a must when you have little ones with you.

There are bird hides dotted around the site, one is located quite far into the woods, overlooking a secluded lake. When it comes to walking around the site, most of the pathways are pram friendly. If you decide to venture off the pathway then it would be very difficult to push a pram around and can also be dangerous if you don’t watch your step due to the tree roots.

Recently we ventured up the pathway that takes you to the top of the hill. On a clear day you can see for miles over the beautiful welsh hills.

As you are visiting a woodland in South Wales you must be prepared for all weather, especially rain. We always have umbrellas and waterproofs in the car.


Be careful not to walk in the boggy areas as you may lose a boot or two!

If I had a rating system then this site would definitely be a 5* rating for a family friendly walk. You do have to pay to park at this site but it is quite cheap compared to other country parks.


Stick on your welly boots and enjoy those puddles!

Outdoor education is so important in young children. Teach them to love and respect nature around them and this will give them a life long passion to care for our planet.


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