Getting your family outdoors in winter can be quite difficult. I have written this post to help you and your family enjoy nature with fun activities.

Country parks are found all over Britain and are brilliant places to explore with your family. A large amount of them are free or charge a small fee for parking. I have attached links, at the bottom of this blog post, to websites that provide information on country parks local to anyone from England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. My partner and I regularly go to local parks, beaches and woodlands probably around 4 times a week. We don’t allow the weather to prevent us from exploring, we put our waterproofs on and make sure we find the biggest puddles for our children to jump in.


Dressing your child appropriately for walking in the colder months

One thing I have learned since becoming a mum is that there should always be spare clothes in the car, on most occasions we go through two pairs of trousers in one trip. We have purchased a fantastic all in one waterproof from Trespass which keeps my son very dry and warm in the colder months. I highly recommend getting a lightweight waterproof suit for wet but warmer days then a thick waterproof suit for the colder wet days. Keeping small children warm is vitally important, if you don’t have spare clothes and a child does get wet from puddles and rain then the best thing to do is remove the wet clothing and hold them close to you, and then as soon as you are in the car put the heaters on.

 If a child stays in wet clothes then they will only get colder which could lead to hypothermia. Always put layers on children as you can remove them if the child gets too warm. Rule of thumb is, add one extra layer to small children than you, the adult, would wear. The outer layer which the child wears in colder months must be wind resistant and waterproof.


Activities that you can do whilst out on walks

Don’t look at walking as getting from A to B, a walk with children can be an educational adventure. We often go looking for fairies, monkeys and dinosaurs. We match colours in nature and listen out for different sounds as well as listen to our own echoes. Click the links below to be shown the activity in more detail.

Strap a Go Pro to your child and get them to run about. It is great to see the outcome at the end of the day and a great way to encourage your little ones to get outside. There is a go pro video at the bottom of this page.


 Take the children’s bikes or trikes out for a ride

Head to the beach and listen to the strong winds blow!

Go for a woodland stroll and get some one on one time with your little one.

Give your child a camera and get them to try out photographing their surroundings. You might be surprised by their natural skill.

Invite friends and family along as exploring is much more fun with company

Make a colour palette at home then use it to match colours in nature

Learn how to balance on objects when exploring

An autumn favourite of children and adults, kicking up and throwing fallen leaves

Collect fallen natural items to take back and print using salt dough.

This is a brilliant activity for teaching children about different sizes. Collecting and sizing sticks.

Teach your children about textures in nature.

Don’t let the children have all the fun, exploring is great for adults too!

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