On Saturday the 17th September 2016 I entered my first ever run. I am not a runner, never have been. Even in school I would either pretend to be ill to miss the running events or I would walk around the course with a couple of friends. Since having my daughter in March 2015 I  decided to become fitter for my children. I want to be able to run around after them and participate in various sports with them. I started Hula Hooping in January 2016 and attended an 8 week boot camp. I have found that my fitness has already increased and I have lost quite a bit of weight.

I was asked by a friend if I would be interested in attending a fun run in September for a wonderful charity. I said yes and thought to myself oh that’s months away and it is only 5k. I don’t run at all so why I thought running 5k would be breeze I will never know.

Ty Hafan is a magnificent charity. Their vision is ‘ To ensure every life-limited child and young person in Wales lives a full family life.’ To find out more information please visit http://www.tyhafan.org/

The months went past and then suddenly I had a week until the run! I hadn’t done any training. We had entered the run as a team and managed to raise a good amount of money for the charity so even if I crawled around we can be happy with helping Ty Hafan.

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The morning came and I decided to dress as a pirate as it was being held on Pendine Beach in Carmarthenshire. Turns out everyone else was dressing in tight and bright with big multi coloured wigs. So I was quite easy to spot in the multi coloured crowd.

The music was playing across the entire beach which was great as it was getting everyone excited for the run. Still at this point I hadn’t realised I would be running 5k. We did our warm up, collected our free bottles of water and headed to the start line.


I could see the puffs of coloured smoke ahead of me. I started to jog to get ready to cross the start line. A loud noise went off which meant it was our turn to go. As I crossed the line I got hit in the head by a fire extinguisher shooting paint. It was so powerful it knocked me side ways.

The first part of the run seemed quite easy. I was taking it slow, just jogging the first hoop. The course looped several times around the beach and you would have to do all the loops twice to finish the 5k.

The first lap wasn’t too horrendous. I stopped once and walked as my legs had started to ache a bit and I had a large blister on my ankle. At one point I did think, wow I may actually be able to run this. Oh how I was wrong, very wrong indeed. I started on the second lap and it suddenly occurred to me how long this 5k actually was. There was no way that I could run the whole of this second lap.


I managed to run about 40% of the second lap. I pushed myself a lot as I didn’t want to let myself down. I would walk on the straight and then when I could see the bends where the people with the paint were standing I would push myself to run around.


After around 45 minutes I could see the finish line. Crossing the line was a wonderful feeling. For someone who hates exercise and detests running, completing this run gave me a wonderful feeling of accomplishment. I ran over to my man and jumped on him, covering him in paint. 


It took several showers to get the paint out of my hair but it was all worth it.


The crazy thing about this whole run is that I am now looking at putting myself forward to do a mud run next year. The feeling you get after completing something that you find difficult is incredible.


Yes it may only be 5k and thousands of people run marathons every year but to me this was a big achievement. I raised money for an amazing charity and completed something I never thought I would even participate in.

You never know what you can do unless you give it a go!



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