Our third Ethical Business Q&A is with Evergreen Insurance Services. I must admit when thinking of being ethical and environmentally friendly I never really consider things like insurance. But reading these brilliant answers I am now fully aware of why we need and why we should be using ethical insurance companies.

Ethical business questionnaire with Evergreen Insurance Services

1.       What is the name of your business and what does it do?

Evergreen Insurance Services – we provide a range of insurance products from home, car, travel, pet, life and business/commercial.

The difference with my business is that I work with nature, wildlife, animal and conservation charities providing added value to their membership and for every £1 in commission I earn I donate back to charity to help support their vital work.  The infographic below explains how it works:

2.       What inspired you to start your business?

I have a passion for nature and wildlife and wanted to create business to help support our natural world.  I have worked in the insurance industry for over 20 years and have always felt that this (along with the financial services industry) is greedy – so I wanted to create a business that was different and only work with insurers who can demonstrate their own polices around environmental impact, recycling and climate change.  Nature, wildlife, animal and conservation charities need our help and my business can hopefully provide much needed on going donations. 

Customers need insurance (it isn’t the most interesting of subjects!) whether it is for their homes, cars, holidays, pets, life or business – so why not use a business that is trying to do something different and “give back”

3.       Where do you hope to see your business in 5 years’ time?

Leading well know insurance brand, providing clients with quality, advice and insurance and giving regular donations to charity and watching how my donations are helping and making a difference. 

4.       How do you market your business? What is your preferred method of marketing?  

We are reaching out to people through, enews, magazine, social media and membership renewal – through charity partnerships.  I am also attending some shows/events in over the summer.  The biggest being Country File Live where I want to engage with visitors about Evergreen and for them to nominate a charity, the charity with the most votes at the end of the show will be the beneficiary of a £1,000 donation from me.

I am also trialling an advert in Cotswold Life magazine in June.

I also engage with other like minded businesses/ethical directories to reach out to people.

I have a monthly column in Ethical Hedonist magazine. 

5.       If you sell items where do you sell? Online, in store etc. What is your most profitable

Avenue for sales?

Over the phone but clients come to us from a variety of sources as detailed above.

My business went live on 3rd April so its early days on the marketing front, Facebook so far seems to be the biggest source.

6.       What advice can you give to people looking to start or are in the early stages of their own ethical business?

Get out there, meet people, engage with them – don’t hide behind emails, talk to people!

Be honest and transparent and act with integrity.

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