For the past 5 months we have been selling charity tees. Each month we chose a new charity to help raise money for. We designed a tee for that months chosen charity, then all the profits made from the sale of those designs went to the charity. Unfortunately lack of time has forced us to stop designing new tees for new charities. We hope to start again in the new year.

We did not want to stop helping charities whilst taking a break from designs. So we have decided to put all of the charity tees from the past 5 months back into our online store. These will be on sale until December 31st 2017, where at the end of the year the charities will receive the donation from the online sales. Each charity will receive the full profit from the sale of their design.

The charities which we are raising money for are:


Elusen Jac Bach Charity


Smile Like Fenton


Our Charity Tees


BDMLR – Adult


Smile Like Fenton – Adult

Elusen Jac Bach Charity – Adult

MarineLife – Adult

SARDA Wales – Adult



BDMLR – Child

Smile Like Fenton – Adult

Elusen Jac Bach Charity – Child

MarineLife – Child

SARDA Wales – Child

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