There is nothing more refreshing than a tasty healthy smoothie. I love to have one for breakfast and I feel like it gives me the energy to start my very hectic day. I use Alpro Coconut original as I love the flavour of coconut. Makes me think I am in an exotic country surrounded by blue skies and sandy beaches, instead of being in a very grey, wet Wales!

The great thing about smoothies is that you can go with the seasons and pick your own fresh fruit to add to it or you can buy the fantastic bags of frozen fruit which supermarkets supply. You can also make them for your children which may help to get fruit into a fussy child.

I use the Breville Blend Active to make my smoothies. We have used this blender for just over a year now and it is fantastic. It blends frozen fruit with ease.


My Very Berry Banana Smoothie


150ml Alpro Coconut Original

1 Banana (Roughly chopped)

Fresh or frozen berries of your choice (Blueberries, Blackberries, Raspberries etc.)

1 tsp. Cinnamon


Pour the Coconut drink into the blender bottle, add the roughly chopped banana, the fresh or frozen berries and the cinnamon. Place the blade cap onto the blender bottle then attach to the blender base. Blend for around 10-15 seconds or until your liking of consistency. Remove from blender and replace the blade cap with the bottle top and enjoy!

Health benefits:

Blackberries – Rich in Bioflavonoids and vitamin C. One of the highest levels of antioxidants. Good level of Vitamin K. Can help keep the skin tighter and the brain sharper.

Blueberries – Good levels of Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Manganese and lower levels of other excellent nutrients. High levels of antioxidants. Helps prevent heart disease. Lower blood pressure.

Raspberries – Rich source of dietary fibre. Excellent source of Vitamin C. Contains antioxidants. Helps with weight loss and helps with the care of your skin.

Banana – High in potassium which helps nerve and muscle function. Reduces blood pressure and helps to protect against heart attacks and strokes. Naturally fat and cholesterol free.

Cinnamon – High in antioxidants. Anti-inflammatory which helps reduce the risk of disease. Reduces risk of heart disease. Helps fight bacterial and fungal infections.

Alpro Coconut Drink – 100% Plant based. No added sugars. Lactose free. Low in calories. Source of Vitamin B12.

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