I love Pinterest. I can spend hours and hours browsing tasty recipes, fun activity ideas and beautiful images. I saw this Pumpkin salt dough where you shaped out a pumpkin and then added a photo of your child into the centre of the pumpkin. I loved the idea of making a pumpkin salt dough but I wanted to put hand and foot prints of my children on mine.

My daughter is 18 months old. She is at an age where everything that involves getting messy is great fun. She loved helping make the salt dough then rolling it out. I am just very happy that we recently bought a wireless vacuum cleaner as the flour got everywhere. Over my kitchen, dining room, front room and even the stairs!! I don’t think we even used more than a handful of flour! But it was worth the cleaning to see the enjoyment in my daughters face.


My children were very hands on with this activity so I do apologise for the strange looking hand and foot prints that are quite badly painted. I think it is great to share with you crafts that my children have helped to make. Not all crafts are Pinterest image perfect, especially if your children get involved. I wanted to share this post to give you a fun idea for Halloween.

To make the salt dough please follow my very simple recipe -> Simple Salt Dough

I found it easier to cut out the pumpkin shape first, place it on a baking tray then get the children to press their hands and feet into the dough.

Once the dough has cooked and cooled then you can get your children to help paint too.

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