Painting with fruit and vegetables isn’t something we normally do. Most weekends we are out exploring but this weekend my partner had the car and the weather was awful. So I decided to do some baking and some crafting with my two.

We made some cookies, which didn’t last long enough for me to photograph and then I decided to see what the children would make of painting with something other than brushes. My son detests getting paint on his hands so I wasn’t quite sure how well this would work.

What we did!

I decided to use shallots, carrots, apples and potatoes. I just cut the fruit and veg in half and put blobs of paint on a couple of plates so they could easily dip the pieces into the paint.


The textures of the shallots were really good. My daughter enjoyed painting with these but she also tried eating them too!

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I also cut letters into the potatoes as I am currently teaching my son the alphabet. I am trying to find interesting ways to teach him as he doesn’t like to just sit with a pen and paper to learn. He seemed to enjoy this quite a lot and asked for more letters to be cut.

I will be trying other natural materials to paint with next time as it kept my two occupied for well over an hour.


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