I have been helping to organise a fundraising half term party for a local charity. We have been busy making these brilliant little treat packs. I thought I would share them with all my followers as they looked so affective and children will love them. You can fill them with whatever you like and make them as big as you like.


Filled Paper Pumpkins

What you need:



Green and Orange Tissue Paper

Coffee Filters (We had these spare and they made a great little bag to hold the sweets in but a small bag or thicker tissue paper will work just as well)


Black Marker Pen

Stick On Eyes


Put the sweets in the small bag or coffee filter and tape shut.


Put the small sweet bag in the centre of a square piece of orange tissue paper. Twist the paper around the sweets to create a pumpkin shape, then tape the twisted top.


Place a strip of green tissue paper over the orange top and tape down.

Draw on the mouth using the marker pen and stick on the eyes.

It may be a trial and error activity to get the pumpkin looking like a pumpkin. But once you manage it, it is very simple to do.



Ghost lollies

What you need:

String (Cut to a length of about 15cm)

Marker Pen

White Tissue Paper or a coffee filter



Place the lollies (We added other long sweets too) into the coffee filter / Tissue Paper.

Tie the string just below the actual lolly.

Draw on the ghost face.




3 thoughts on “Halloween Treat Bags

  1. I love these! How fun, and so easy to do. Really, really creative. I definitely want to give these a go 🙂 Thanks for sharing it on #MarvMondays. Emily

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