It can be quite difficult to come up with fun rainy day activities. Here in Wales, we have quite a few rainy days and it is not always possible to get our wellies on and get outside. Although that is our favourite rainy day activity.

I wanted to put a list together to help you find fun ideas to do with your children on your next rainy day. So I asked a group of bloggers and also friends and family what they like to do when it is raining. Here is what they all suggested.

Rainy Day Activity List

Suggestions from Bloggers

Baking Biscuits – Jemma from Thimble And Twig and Lauren from Dilan And Me suggested baking.

Playdough – Lauren from Belle Du Brighton said ‘Playdough! We whip it all out and get stuck in… it’s one of the only things that keeps them busy for more than a few minutes!

Jigsaws – Jenni from Odd Socks And Lollipops said ‘Jigsaws! My 3 year old daughter loves them.’

Lego – Kellie from My Little Babog said ‘My favourite has got to be Lego, hours of fun with the radio blaring in the background.’

Cinema – Nikki from Yorkshire Wonders said ‘We like to go to the cinema, but only for the £2.50 mini morning showings. I am too thrifty to pay full price!’

Hama Beads – Sonia from This Mummy Loves said ‘Going out and jumping in puddles for sure.  Failing that we love to make things with Hama Beads.’

Building a fort – Nicola from Nicola Says said ‘On rainy days I love building a fort in the kids room and reading stories.’

Film Day – Tamsin from Chasing Esme said ‘Watch films, eat cake and drink tea!’

Board Games – Laura from Five Little Doves said ‘We love to have games days – hungry hippos, guess who, elefunk, buckaroo and pop up pirate. Whilst eating chocolate, always!’

Swimming – Zoe from Juggling On Roller Skates said ‘Swimming’

Trampolining – Zoe also suggested this.

Themed Day – Maria from Happy Mummy said ‘We do a book themed day, read a book and then do some baking and crafts that fit with the story

Paper Crafts – Alison from All About M.E said ‘Getting loads of paper, craft stuff and glitter out!! We make bunting a lot & it’s so much fun. Also making sensory glitter bottles is a good one. Can you tell we (I) like glitter.’

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Suggestions from friends

My wonderful friends also suggested some excellent ideas.

Junk Modelling – This is where you build things out of rubbish. Rockets from washing up liquid bottle, Bugs from eggs boxes etc.

Treasure Hunt – This was a brilliant suggestion. Leave clues around house along with chocolate gold coins.
The end goal is to find a prize which is usually something a family can do together like new paints or a jigsaw.

Walk in the rain then home for a hot chocolate and movie –  A suggestion from my mother and a fond memory of my own childhood.

Fancy dress and put on a show – Get your children to re-enact one of their favourite Disney films.

Drink, Wine and Moan – This made me laugh as we probably all do this at some point. Especially on the 50th day of rain.

Suggestions from Nature Mum Blog

Fruit and Veg Printing – Cut fruit and veg in half. Dip them in print and create patterns on paper.

Books and Magazine time – Get a selection of books and magazines and spend some time looking through them a discussing what you see.

Home science experiments – We love this experiment where we blow up ghosts. 

Make Rain Sticks – If you have a cardboard tube, tin foil, elastic band and rice then this is a simple activity.

I hope this list inspires you to do something fun on a rainy day.

Please comment with any other suggestions.


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