Charity giving is at the heart of Eco Badger. We wanted to start a business that not only helped the environment by producing eco friendly clothing but helped small charities where we can. This is why we started our monthly charity tee.

Each month we choose a new charity. We design a tee and all the profits from the sale of that tee go to the chosen charity. We are always on the look out for charities to raise money for, so if you know of any please mention them in the comments below. We like to work with smaller charities as they are often the ones who need the most help.

Our charity tee is always designed to fit in with our brand but will never have our logo on it.

February’s Charity – Elusen Jac Bach

I was recommended this charity by a friend of mine. After reading through the stories on their website I knew this was our charity for February. I cried many tears reading these incredible stories. I then contacted Sian who is the Founder of Elusen Jac Bach. Sian has answered a questionnaire for me so you can get to know a bit more about this incredible lady and her inspirational charity.


What is the aim of Elusen Jac Bach?

The aim is to help children and their families by raising funds for children that need life changing treatment.

What is the story behind the charity?

In April 2012 I had twin boys Jac and Wil. After 6 months we noticed that Jac was not Developing like he should and had to visit the hospital monthly to undergo various test.  Jac lost his battle in February 2015. In the March of 2015 I had a flyer through my door asking to help raise money for a neighbour who had twins and one needed money to help with her cerebral palsy. I instantly needed to help this family, having been through what we had as a family. I then thought if I set up a charity I could help more families. And that’s what I did.

Who started the charity?

I started the charity and asked my husband and best friend to be trustees with me.

What do you do with the donations given to Elusen Jac Bach?

We are usually told by friends and family or staff from the hospital about families that are in need of help. We then have a trustee meeting to discuss if we think we can help the family in question. We also help with other charities like Noah’s ark children’s hospital and other charities that have approached us.

What are your future plans for the Elusen Jac Bach?

We hope to continue to help more  families.

Can you share a success story with us?

We have many success stories, all of which are on the website.

Where can we find more information (Include all links to social media accounts, website and contact information).


Twitter: @JachBach12

Facebook: JacBach

The Charity Tee

This is the Tee we designed for Elusen Jac Bach. Love is a very strong feeling that comes out when you read the stories on their website. No matter what these families go through, love always shines.

 To get your tee and help raise money for Elusen Jac Bach visit from February 1st through to February 28th 2017.

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