Last week I showed you how to make Mini Lemon Meringues but this week I have changed the recipe slightly to make them suitable for Easter!

When making the meringues make each flavour separately. So make up one batch of the meringue mixture and use one flavour, whilst that is baking make up a new batch then add the second flavour. I also like to add colour to each meringue so you can identify which meringue is which flavour.


Meringue Nests – Lemon and Orange Flavour


220g Caster Sugar

Whites of 4 Free Range Eggs

1tsp Vanilla Extract

For the Lemon Meringues: Zest of 1 Lemon

                                                               Juice of Half a Lemon

For the Orange Meringues: Zest of 2 Small Oranges

                                                     Juice of 1 Small Orange

Butter Icing: I follow this basic butter icing recipe from the BBC

Mini Eggs (As many as you would like to use)


Pre-heat the oven on the lowest possible setting (Preferably 50C) Using a food mixer, mix the egg whites until they make soft peaks, then slowly add the caster sugar, vanilla extract, lemon or orange zest and lemon or orange juice. If you want to colour the meringues, now is the time to add a couple of drops of food colouring. Mix until you have made stiff peaks and the mixture doesn’t run.

Using a piping bag, make a nest. You make it by first making a circle the size of a 50p then you gradually circle the meringue mixture upwards by layering it, don’t stop piping until the nest is finished. It may take several tries to get it right.

Once piped, place into the preheated oven and bake for 3-4 hours or longer. You want to make sure the whole meringue is crisp including the bottom. Turn the oven off and leave them in the oven for another hour. Bring them out and place onto a cooling rack.

Once on the cooling rack you can then add the butter icing. Pipe the butter icing into the meringue nests. Then add your mini eggs.


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