My favourite treat has got to be sherbet. I wanted to come up with a fun and tasty party treat that my son would love, and calling it space dust makes it sound more fun. It is very simple to make and children of all ages can get involved. I have also made my first video to go with this recipe which you can watch below.


Edible Space Dust


2 Packets of Sherbet

1 Packet of Popping Candy

A Few Drops of Food Colouring

Edible Stars (These are found down the baking aisle)

Lollipops (You can use the ones from the sherbet packets)



Empty both the sachets of sherbet into a mixing bowl.

Add the popping candy to the sherbet.

Put into a blender, add a couple of drops of food colouring and blend until combined.

Put the mixture back into the mixing bowl, add the stars and stir.

Pour into cupcake cases and serve with a lollipop.


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